Rihanna 接受 WWD 專訪大談加盟 PUMA 感受


Fashion 時裝

最近美國女歌手 Rihanna 因加盟運動品牌 PUMA 出任女裝系列創意總監而成為焦點人物,而日前她便接受瞭 WWD 的專訪,大談自己對時裝設計的興趣。據 Rihanna 表示,她非常享受設計過程,並且對自己與 PUMA 之間將會擦出什麼樣的火花感到十分期待。此外,Rihanna 亦在訪問中透露瞭推出全新專輯的計劃,但目前就未有確實的推出日期。

WWD: What’s the first thing that pops to your mind when you hear Puma?

Rihanna: My childhood. Some of the first sneakers I owned were Puma, and I wore them to death, until they had holes in them. They were sleek running shoes, I had them in pink with the black Puma stripes on the side. They also made them in Jamaican colors and so in the Caribbean it was like: What? Jamaican colors? That was the it-shoe in Barbados — if you didn’t have those, [that was it]. You know how kids are.

WWD: How does music, your core activity, relate to fashion?

Rihanna: Music and fashion go hand in hand. I think music inspires all types of arts; it inspires life, emotion, mood, and all of those things are reflected in my fashion and my style. One doesn’t go without the other.

WWD: How serious are you about your designing career? Are you ready to take it deeper?

Rihanna: I love designing. I’ve always enjoyed it. The thing I love most is the unexpected result between my brand and theirs, the combination, the marriage — it’s like having a baby, you put two things together and all of the sudden it bursts into a new thing. It’s life. At River Island I was able to see stuff come to life, draw up an idea from scratch, and that made me want to take on a bigger challenge. And MAC was an amazing experience — from creating packaging to going through textures. I would love to do cosmetics, because I love beauty: choosing colors, creating shapes. It’s like painting, you just get to play. The same way I treated MAC, I will attack Puma.